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If you fave me or one of my deviations, I'd like to say thank you :D

If I fave you or your deviation, there's no need to thank me for doing so - you've done great work and I like it!

I don't send everyone messages, comment on everyone's profiles, etc like most people here on dA do; so please don't get offended by me not thanking you on your profile for a fav or watch or something like that. I have so much new traffic due to my truck that it's impossible to keep up! =)
OK, so this is a WIP that my friend is helping me out on... I had an awesome idea this morning while driving to work. So I have the Aperture truck, I have an Aperture car, I have an Aperture office, I have an Aperture laptop, I have a low-quality companion cube, I've been thinking of ways to make a turret and I just got one of the greatest ideas so far...

I'm going to make the truck talk. Yes, that's right - motion sensor in the front grill that's activated when in park. When it senses movement, it will play a turret WAV file, and if no more movement is sensed it'll "shut down" with an appropriate WAV sound. Also going to put a shock sensor, so if the truck "senses" any movement it'll play an appropriate turret WAV file for that also. And, the icing on the cake - I'm going to see if I can get some headlights with red "city lights" so when the truck is "activated" the headlights will light up red just like the turret's eye!!

Oh, and the horn is going to play "Still alive", not sure if I'm going to do the salsa version or a few notes from the ending version =)

What does everyone think?
Went to Miles Pond yesterday with my camera and got some cool shots. Got to talk with an extremely attractive woman who's kids commandeered my inflatable boat. They were really great kids too, which you don't really see much these days; they had me laughing a lot. If/when I ever have kids I hope they're that cool! I pushed them around a bit in the boat, they dumped water on each other, paddled around; it was really cute.

Anyway, I'll get around to uploading some of the shots I took while rowing around out on the water. I know, I'm really bad about keeping this up-to-date.

I think Sunday night I might head to Neil's Pond (not far up the road in Lunenburg) and see if I can get any cool shots there.